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Chicken sausage pasta
I wish
misoranomegami wrote in lowcalgourmet
Not the best presenation but I consider this to be gourmetish and quite tasty.
Not exactly a recipe either so much as an assembly.

Chicken, spinach, feta sausage grilled and sliced on a bed of tricolored whole wheat pasta (tomato, spinach and plain) tossed with grilled summer squash, red and yellow bell peppers and topped with garlic tomato sauce. I love bulking up my pasta with extra grilled vegetables since I end up with about the same number of calories and way more food. It's also got 2 tsps of parmisean cheese and 1 peice of low fat provolone torn up and melted over the top. Mmm. The whole dish comes in at 485 calories.


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