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Shrimp tacos
I wish
misoranomegami wrote in lowcalgourmet
This was more of a snack than a meal but could have easily become a meal with a side salad or other vegetable.

I keep frozen shrimp in the the deep freeze for quick and easy protein. These shrimp have been thawed, well drained and then tossed with a heavy coating of garlic, cumin and chinese 5 spice powder. I then fry them in a non stick pan coated lightly with pam. If you like your shrimp a little crunchier a half tbs of cornstarch gives them a nice crunch but I'm not big on the after taste. Added 2 tortillas and some grilled vegetables and topped them off with 2 tbs of salsa for a total of 230 calories for both tacos and the left over zuchinni. Not a bad mini meal all in all.

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We love anything seafood, so when we first tried these they were a huge hit.

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