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Vegetable Supreme pizza
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misoranomegami wrote in lowcalgourmet

Tonight's dinner is one of my favorites; pizza! This is the big version weighing in at approximately 11 inches after baking (12 before) and 790 calories for the whole shebang. You could theoretically split with with someone but I being the hungry pig I am ate the whole thing. It includes 1lb of highly hydrated bread dough (I keep a bucket in the fridge and weigh out portions on a digital scale); 1/2 a cup of tomato sauce,1 whole zuchinni sliced and grilled, approximately 1 tbs each mushrooms , onions, red and yellow bell pepper (prediced and stored in the freezer); (8) low fat turkey pepperoni; 1oz soy sausage crumbles and with 1/2 cup part skim mozzerella cheese. The crust and the cheese are the biggest calorie drains but I often make a much smaller version keeping the sauce and toppings the same but decreasing the bread and cheese by half. That comes in around 485 calories for the whole pizza. For extra flavoring I brush the exposed edge of the crust with water and sprinkly it with garlic powder. This puts me far enough below my 1500 calorie a day goal that I could even have a snack or desert later... when I have more room.

Compare this to a measley 6 inch personal pan Supreme from Pizza hut at 760 or a 12 inch supreme at 2080 (260 per slice * 8 slices)!!

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I can eat the whole thing myself.

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